Wednesday, October 20, 2010

karishma kapoor new32

Karisma Kapoor who will be the judge on the reality based dance show and in the Nach Baliye Press Conference who how ever caught by the media and asked about his forth coming movie Karisma Kapoor who has not been seen in films ever since marriage and motherhood to Delhi based business man Sanjay Kapur. However recently Karisma has been attending a number of events in Mumbai.
In fact she seems to be doing many events for the small screen. Karisma's debut stint on the small screen may not have been successful, however this has certainly not deterred her from giving it another go. This time she seems determined to win over the small screen. But what about films? Apparently despite several high profile offers, the actress is reluctant to get back to films. We wonder if our Lolo is simply afraid of the younger and sexier competition? Also perhaps she does not want to compete with lil sis Kareena.
May be the actress is definitely trying to work out her marriage for the sake of her daughter Samaira. Karisma prefers living in Mumbai near her family, but recently after much persuasion by her family, she decided to move back to her hubby's home in Delhi. But how long will this arrangement last and with Karisma's recent professional commitments back in Mumbai, we really have to wonder if she's gonna stick it out in Delhi for long?
I’d like to be the one behind the camera and take nice pictures like this. Her being in front of the lens… Could I resist? Do you recognize her? This is one picture of the provocative Stacey Dash.
So unreachable.. Except maybe for some paparazzis…
This kind of pictures makes me crazy. What about you?karishma kapoor
karishma kapoor
karishma kapoor
karishma kapoor

karishma kapoor


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